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The Daily | Feb 1970

The Daily for Feb 1970, diagnosis in single pages, no rx PDF, or CBR.

2 Responses to The Daily | Feb 1970

  1. Jim Charlton says:

    These old “Rochdailies ” were great, to both read & print. Back then they used the “pink master ” plate method of printing. It was a specially treated paper master adapted to small press use, usually an A. B. Dick single color press, or if really adept there might have been a second unit attached for doing black & 1 color. The plates were cheap and came in a roll or box of a fixed cylinder size. The plate was pink in nature and the image to be printed was passed to it via a photo copier method. The plate once imaged was then washed down with a special liquid and put on the press and turned on, the ink rollers dropped and walla your had a printed page. The plates were designed for short run status and it was possible you could get if you worked it right up to 2000 copies per plate. Not that I printed the “dailies” but printed countless other items in the small press commercial field. I was the printer for Ryerson Student Union and they did a great business there covering everything from small books, resumes, essays, business cards to name a few.

    Its nice to see copies of the old paper that survived, a good link to history and what it stood for then. Thanks for sharing………30

    • Max says:

      Thanks a lot for the back-story Jim, good info to have for the archive 🙂

      Will try to get back to scanning the rest when i can, but it’s cool to see all the work up on Peter’s site now!