the Rochdale Files documents of a student-run alternative education experiment | 1968 – 1975 | site managed by Max

Files saved from facebook and other parts online

So there are a number of sites attempting to document the history and passing of Rochdale. One is a group of old students and residents on Facebook where a huge pile of news clippings and such have been posted. For the sake of having them handy i’m posting this large set of 246 those clippings here. They are mostly old press cuttings and pages from in-house publications. I think many will be duplicated by copies I’ll be uploading from Lionel’s files but for the sake of research it seemed like a good resource to archive here where they won’t be subject to issues with Facebook in the future. Thanks to John Sullivan, Steve Grant, Laurel Anderson, Barbara Casey, David E. Witton, Peter Turner, Larry Claypool, & Bob MacLintock for uploading these old documents and clippings in the first place. They will take some organizing in the future, sorry if it’s a big mess for now.

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