the Rochdale Files documents of a student-run alternative education experiment | 1968 – 1975 | site managed by Max

About the Rochdale Files

This site is a spin off of The Italian Machine Project, an archive site for the words & pictures of my father, Lionel Douglas 1944 -1979. In amongst his papers I have several hundred documents from Rochdale. And in the proses of starting the research project for his memoir i’ve been talking to a fair number of former students of Rochdale, and collecting some of their documents from the time too. I’ve started this site because it’s not all specifically about Lionel but deserving of a home so rather than having one gigantic post on the The Italian Machine Project this seemed a better solution. The site is brand new, need to add a lot of information and links still to other resources, I’ve only just started posting. Stay tuned! If you want to contact me do so at this address.

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